Q: Is there a restricted number for the participating group member?
A: No more than 5 people in each participating group.

Q:What is the design boundary of this competition? Do I have to design the whole Yilong New District area?
A:You don't have to design the whole Yilong District. The competition site is a square-like area based on the Qiushui Lake, which will be a core area of the Yilong New District. The coordinate of the Qiushui Lake is (25.174088, 105.112687). Please find detailed illustration from the download material (please click).

Q:The competition committe doesn't set too much restrictions of the design result, such as population, function, density. Do I need to strickly follow the Yilong New District Regulatory Plan?
A:The Regulatory Plan indicates the current condition of the area, and the intention of its future development which could be a reference to your design, but you don't have to adhere to it completely.
This competition is not urban planning in the traditional sense of the term, it is practicing ideal design on a real site. We don’t want to limit your potential with the index systems based on land finance. Floor area ratio, building density, building height, land use, and planning ratio should not be limitations for this exploration. Qiushui Lake District of the Yilong New District has the possibility to integrate life, leisure, communication, and art into an entire material environment with the feature of the natural landscape to be a new kind of lifestyle and a real existence of the future world.

Q: I haven’t received any information about registration number, how can my identity be confirmed?
A: Registration number is not required in this competition. Your identity will be confirmed through phone number and email address, so please make sure they are correct.